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A mission to create great tasting cakes – gluten and lactose free!

In our family, Rhys is not known for doing things in small measures. So when he set out on his quest to perfect the gluten and lactose free Bakestone for family member’Big Phil’, we should have known it was the start of something bigger.

Less than a year after his mission began, Bakestone Bakery was born, serving up the tastiest celebration cakes, the most mouthwatering muffins and, of course, beautiful bakestones.

All are gluten and lactose free so no-one has to miss out.


A passion for baking, using locally sourced ingredients

Rhys has a passion for baking and believes that just because something is gluten and lactose free it doesn’t mean it can’t taste as good as something that isn’t. All Bakestone Bakery cakes not only look great but they taste fantastic too.

Rhys is currently working towards acquiring the Coeliac UK Cross grain certification and SALSA certification.

Remember it’s not only bakestones and muffins Rhys makes, he also produces fantastic celebration cakes to order, again totally gluten and lactose free.

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